DxChain Testnet v0.3.6 Documentation

DxChain Network is the world first decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by computing centric blockchain, aiming to build a stable and heterogeneous solution for distributed data storage and computation.

Currently, DxChain Project team is working on the Testnet version of the data chain, which is able to provide persistent and reliable decentralized storage service based on storage contracts. On January 2019, we released DxChain Testnet v0.3.6 fully running on nodes all over the world. Testnet network has been released along with API and SDK.

The main features of the DxChain data chain includes:

  • Fully supports transaction types for storage contracts. All nodes on chain could work as storage client or provider to get involved in data storage service.
  • High reliability of data storage system by introducing erasure code algorithm, keeping high data security with comparatively low redundency.
  • Effective and efficient challange-proof algorithm for validating data storage, building trustable storage.
  • Information security with encryption-sharding mechanism for data encryption, protecting user’s privacy.

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